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Seating plan booking

Seating & Standing Area Booking

With a seating plan for your event, your customers can book the desired seat, standing area, or parking space for your event. If desired, it can even be prevented whether a single seat can remain free between already booked seats or not.

Table Reservations

Whether it’s a folk festival, theater, or restaurant – your guests can conveniently book their table from anywhere. Whether only whole tables or individual seats can be booked is up to you.

Categories & Prices

In the seating plan, you can offer as many categories and price levels as you like. Optionally, you even have the possibility to assign different tickets to one seat or table, so that your guest can choose between “Full payer” and “Reduced”, for example.

Managershop & Setup

We take care of setting up the seating plan booking for you. However, you have full control at all times and decide which seats and tables are put on sale or excluded from the sale.


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