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Guest list and manual seating

Gifting Tickets

As an organizer, you can not only offer free tickets in the ticket shop but also gift any ticket and send it directly through your “Manager” access.

Reserving Tickets

Place an order for your guests that you have taken over the phone or in person. We then send a link to your guest, who can then confirm their order again and make the payment. Directly after payment, your guest receives the tickets.

Tickets on Invoice

You can also place an order for your guests that will be paid by invoice. This means the invoice is sent directly to your guests by the system, and you determine by when the invoice should be paid. The customer receives the tickets immediately.

Importing Guest List

If you already have an Excel list of all guests you wish to invite for free, you can simply upload this list and select the respective tickets – we automatically send each guest their tickets.

Sponsor Shops

Provide your sponsors and partners with a free quota for various tickets. The sponsor then receives their own ticket shop, with which they can place as many orders as they like for, e.g., customers within their free quota. The quota can also be adjusted retrospectively.


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