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Data protection and obligations to the GDPR


The TicketPAY Europe GmbH has committed to be compliant with their content standards established before the entry into force of DSGVO. We promise to protect your privacy and to treat the trust placed in us with care.

In order to strengthen the rights of individuals to privacy, the European Union has the Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) in English General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced. To strengthen existing data protection guidelines, the General Data Protection Regulation defines guidelines for companies that collect, store and process personal data. The European Union Regulation applies to companies processing personal data of persons residing in Europe and has a enforcement deadline of May 2018.



Strengthening your rights as an individual to protect your data



Protecting your personal information through technology and improving protection against unauthorized use



Approximation of data protection laws inside and outside the European Union

The scheme includes extensive steps that must be taken in all areas of a person’s privacy – the establishment of security mechanisms, compliance, the impact of violations, and more. Failure to comply beyond the date of enforcement will result in severe penalties. TicketPAY Europe GmbH strives to protect its customers’ personal information and to help customers and end users understand the meaning of the GDPR, its requirements and its commitment to global compliance.

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