Cashless Payment

More turnover

By using RFID / NFC based cashless payment systems you benefit from shorter waiting times at the counter. Guests can top up their credit before the event, at the event and even via mobile using the app, after which they are immediately able to pay anywhere at your event.
The transaction only takes a few milliseconds and completely removes the need for cash change. In addition, consumption will increase by several percent on average.

More security

With Cashless Payment, you no longer need change at bars and counters, so you can rely on external staff in good conscience.
There are also many advantages for visitors: for example, a lost wristband can be blocked and the credit transferred to a new band.

Big Data

The wristbands and payment cards are linked to your guests’ personal inventory and ticket data. This means that you always know which guests have made purchases, and exactly when they did so. You can also see exactly which goods have been sold at which times, at which stand and how often. A maximum of data in order to steadily optimise your event.