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3G Control

A Smooth Start to Your Event

With our full service, you can quickly start any event. You can receive fully set-up devices from us. Just turn on the device and start scanning! We are happy to support you to get started right away.

Verification of Certificates

We verify vaccination and recovery certificates for you, as well as digital antigen and PCR certificates (EU DCC) via QR code. As an organizer, you can set the conditions that are permitted for your event. Manual verification for non-digital checks is, of course, also considered by us.

Certificate Check in Advance

In addition to on-site verification, you can also use a pre-check with us. In this variant, your visitors can upload the required certificates in advance in their personal ticket portal and get pre-checked for the event. This way, the verification at the entrance on-site can be easily shortened, and you effectively reduce long queues.

Ticket Sales with Contact Data Collection

Easily combine the check-in of your event with ticket sales via TicketPAY. We enable you to easily collect contact data in accordance with the Corona Protection Ordinance. By “checking in” and “checking out” visitors in the case of a possible infection, you can contact visitors who were actually on the premises during a possible time of infection. All data belongs to you, is hosted in Germany, and is not reused by us.


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