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RFID admission and armbands

RFID Entry

While normal tickets are typically used for single entry, RFID bracelets and passes are suitable for multiple checks, e.g., at multi-day events or across different areas (various halls, camping, VIP, backstage, etc.) – due to the low costs, such RFID or NFC systems are suitable for events of any size.

Big Data

It’s very simple: You sell your tickets just as usual. At the event, the ticket is exchanged for an RFID medium with our scanners. From this moment, the chip is linked to the ticket or orderer data.
All actions, such as entering areas or cashless payment transactions, can now be assigned to the individual visitor. This gives you an accurate overview of your visitors.


Get everything from one source: Whether you need RFID bracelets, either in the low-cost or a more exclusive version, or just regular festival bracelets without a chip – we provide you with the perfect bracelet. Paper bracelets, badges, and lanyards are no problem for us.


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